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Who we are?

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About Us

We manufacture and export PE items and PE mould ,cordless LED Decoration light, PE housing and bar furniture that are waterproof and rechargeable .
We specialize in OEM PE products LED lighting for outdoor decoration, PE Shell ,PE housing for Lamp,LED ball for pool,LED flower pot, LED Sofa,LED Chair, LED cube, LED ice bucket , LED furniture, LED Stool, LED table mood light.... More>>

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Products Feature



Simplify the lighting around you by using E Smart Live LED lamps safely anywhere, anyhow.                                                                                                              

Multi Colour


The sky’s the limit when it comes to creating an ambience thanks to the easy availability of all the colors of the rainbow or just white.                                       



The basic concept of E Smart Live is the standardization of LED light bulbs: whether stand-alone or with a diffuser you’ll have no trouble finding a place for them in your surroundings.



Your cordless lamp can go with you everywhere and will last a long time. Lithium-polymer technology means the battery has a long life, and allows you to recharge your lamp whenever you want.

Remote Control


But the real luxury is not just that there’s no power cord .you can also control all your lamps at a distance with one touch of abutton.                                                      



If you’re playing in the pool, take it with you .but what if it falls? Don’t worry, it comes out tops in the most stringent tests!